Business Cards

Photograph of Iain Lisbet's business cards by Glyph Kreativ 

Business cards are an important part of any business networking. A handy little card to give potential business associates or clients with all your contact details. Who knows when they might find that card useful. You might think that everything is online now so why would you need to spend money getting something printed. It's so much easier to hand over your card to someone than to get their phone out and for you to dictate details.

Give two business cards?

When that new contact finds your business card in their pocket a week after the networking event it's a little reminder that they met you. They may even pass on your card to someone else who's looking for your services. A good tip I once heard was to give out two business cards each time so the person can always pass on your card without losing your contact details themselves. What do you think, is that a smart move or do you just get through your pile of business cards quicker?

Legal eagle

We love to see our vision for a business printed. We recently created the logo and brand for Iain Nisbet, Education Law Consultancy. It's a sophistated logo using idea and the colours of the Scots Law Times and Stair Encyclopaedia (I may have just revealed a little of my legal geekiness!) Anyway we're really pleased with how the business card turned out and I know Iain is too. They're smart, professional and hopefully useful to Iain as he builds his new business.

Send us an email if you'd like to discuss your business branding and stationery requirements. Whether you've already got your brand and logo or if you're needing to start from scratch we'll be able to help.


Posted by: Johanna Welander on 03/05/2016