Does my small business need a Web Designer?

Stressed out business person wondering if he should hire a web designer

Have you made the decision to create the website for your small business? It seemed simple when you started out. It doesn’t cost very much if you do it yourself and you can control it. But now you’re several hours in and it’s still not looking how you want it to look or doing what you want it to do. You didn’t think about that crucial bit of information - how it’s going to fit in! These colours just aren’t working together! But I want it to do X not Y!!

Ok take a step back, is it worth it? Are there other things you’d rather be doing? Do you really need to learn design and development skills? What’s the actual cost of your time?I’m pretty sure you’d much rather be concentrating on the aspect of your business that you started your business for rather than trying to learn new skills.

Here at Glyph Kreativ we’ve spent time learning our skills and gain experience each time we work with a new client. We know what makes a good website and we know how to make it happen. Of course we need you to help make sure that website is what you want it to be. But we can provide our technical expertise to make sure you get what you need to help make sure your business is a success. Would you rather do it yourself or have some help?

Posted by: Jennifer Rutherford on 21/07/2017