Own your own domain name

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Your domain name is also referred to as the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or web address of your site.

Getting an appropriate domain name is important and can help your site achieve higher search engine rankings and also help users understand what you do.  You can buy a domain name from any domain name registrars and usually you buy it for a fixed term, say a year or two.

There are a few things that are important to think about when registering your domain name to avoid any difficulties when you later come to publish your website.

  • Register your domain name in your own name.  Do not let your web design bureau, business advisor or friend register it for you. If someone else owns your domain name that means that if he or she are difficult to get in touch with, have gone out of business or for whatever reason is hard to reach you will not be able to use that domain name.
  • Transferring a domain name takes time.  If someone else owns your domain name and you are lucky enough to get hold of him or her then they have to transfer the domain name to an account registered in your name.  This is a bit tricky and can take some time.

We always advise our customers to purchase and register their own domain names for these reasons.  Many times we have had customers who think they own their domain name but someone else has actually registered it for them and in most cases just to be helpful.  However, when it then comes to publish their new site we hit this problem and sometimes it is really hard or impossible even to get in touch with the person in question.  Sometimes sadly the only option is to register a new domain name.

Posted by: Jennifer Rutherford on 27/08/2015