Business Cards

Posted by: Johanna Welander on 03/05/2016

Photograph of Iain Lisbet's business cards by Glyph Kreativ 

Business cards are an important part of any business networking. A handy little card to give potential business associates or clients with all your contact details. Who knows when they might find that card useful. You might think that everything is online now so why would you need to spend money getting something printed. It's so much easier to hand over your card to someone than to get their phone out and for you to dictate details.

Give two business cards?

When that new contact finds your business card in their pocket a week after the networking event it's a little reminder that they met you. They may even pass on your card to someone else who's looking for your services. A good tip I once heard was to give out two business cards each time...

Heavenly new website

Posted by: Johanna Welander on 03/03/2016

Responsive website for Heavenly Bakes 'n' Cakes as shown in mobile, tablet and desktop

Glyph Kreativ worked with the team at Heavenly Bakes N Cakes to create a new website to showcase their delicious cakes. The fun and fresh design let's the cakes do all the talking. So if you're hungry for cake check it out

Why do I need a website?

Posted by: Jennifer Rutherford on 03/03/2016

 Open shop sign

A website is a shop front only better. It is open all the time and available to anyone. And even better it's cheaper than actually having a physical shop.

It's a place to showcase what you do and show potential customers not only that you exist but also that you are professional. Even if it's just you running the business your website doesn't need to give that away. You can make it look like you've got a huge team while in reality it's just you working really hard. 

You don't need to be selling a product to need a space to sell you can show off your skills and make customers aware of your capabilities as a business owner. . 

Like any shop though it is just the beginning. You need to tell people about it and encourage them to visit. You...

Happy Birthday Glyph Kreativ, 1 year!

Posted by: Jennifer Rutherford on 17/02/2016

Birthday Cake

We are celebrating our first successful year. 

We would like to thank all our lovely customers, we really enjoy working with you all!

We're looking forward to another eventful year, making the web brighter, more user friendly and more beautiful one little step at the time!  

We hope you will join us on our journey.

Search Engine Optimization

Posted by: Jennifer Rutherford on 13/09/2015

SEO planning diagram


Why is it important?

People type in what they're looking for in a browser window and get results served based on the Search Engines' algorithms.  These algorithms take lots of different factors into account when evaluating how relevant your site is to the person searching.

It is likely that if you're not in the top three places of the first page you wont get what's termed "clickthrough".  So you definitely want to be on the first page and you definitely want clickthrough.

Make sure that you can customise things such as unique page titles, metadata keywords and metadata titles for each page on your website.

What to do?

Page titles:

Make sure that each page on your site has an unique page title.

If you're a company specializing in web and graphic design and are located...

Own your own domain name

Posted by: Jennifer Rutherford on 27/08/2015

Domain name sign posts

Your domain name is also referred to as the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or web address of your site.

Getting an appropriate domain name is important and can help your site achieve higher search engine rankings and also help users understand what you do.  You can buy a domain name from any domain name registrars and usually you buy it for a fixed term, say a year or two.

There are a few things that are important to think about when registering your domain name to avoid any difficulties when you later come to publish your website.

  • Register your domain name in your own name.  Do not let your web design bureau, business advisor or friend register it for you. If someone else owns your domain name that means that if he or she are...

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