Responsive websites



Why is it important that our websites are responsive? When we design a website we want to make sure users are looking at the best version of it. Nobody wants to be looking at a tiny website in the middle of their giant desktop screen but then someone on a mobile doesn’t need all the extras.

When we create a website for a client we’ve spent time creating a great looking brand. So, it makes sense that we spend time making sure it looks good on a mobile, on a tablet and on different sized screens. 

Our development skills mean that it changes seamlessly depending on the size it’s being viewed at. The menu changes to one that’s easy to use if you’re on a mobile and images disappear if they’re not needed. We want your customers to get the information they need from your website quickly. We don’t want them to leave your site unsatisfied.

We take our time to make your customers happy.

Posted by: Jennifer Rutherford on 10/02/2017