Step 3 Wire framing

Design Process Step 3 Wire Framing

We've probably already discussed what pages your site will need and a site map showing those pages will form part of our proposal. Pages can be added at any point during the process but beware adding too many at a later date can affect the effectiveness of your tidy well thought out site. 

We'll check again that the structure we proposed is the one you want. This may have changed as you've written text. Design may also influence your page structure but it's a good idea to have a structure in mind so that the site stays cohesive.

We'd recommend no more than 6 main menu pages. And no more than 6 levels in the drop downs although there's no harm in a third drop down level. Remember to think about how you as a user would approach your site. Does the structure make sense? What information is a user looking for? Can they find it within 2 clicks? If not then perhaps you need to rethink it. Speak to us about it we're always happy to help.


Posted by: Jennifer Rutherford on 14/11/2016