Step 4 Design

Design Process Step 4 Design

So now we've agreed the basic structure it's time to start "dressing it".

We start with the most basic element of your brand, the logo. We present you with some logo suggestions usually 3 - 4 ideas. You can mix & match from the bits you like if you wish but we only go ahead with one logo. That one logo can be tweaked a bit to make it perfect. 

From there we develop a look for your website. We work on the colour palette, the fonts, photographs and graphical elements.

You get a static mockup of a page or two of your site. It's helpful to have at least some of your text at this point. We take your feedback on board and tweak the static mockup. We need to remember to be mindful that the static mockup is simply an indication of what the actual site will look like. Certain aspects may be slightly different on the site. The static just gives and idea and helps us work out what you'll like. 

Once you like how it's looking on paper and you want us to make it into an actual website we’ll need payment of our second instalment. This tells us you want us to keep going.

Posted by: Jennifer Rutherford on 14/11/2016