The web design trends we love right now

Fidget spinner

Flat design 

Sometimes it’s the simplest icons that work the best. Flat design moves away from the all singing all dancing approach that web designers use to show off. It’s a move away from flashy animations and illustrations and textures and drop shadows. Our minimalistic approach to design really suits flat design. We love the bright sharp colours that make websites more functional than flashy. If we strip the design right back you will get great results with this more user centric approach. 

Colour palettes 

As we said simplicity is key to our design ethos. We spend a lot of time thinking about colour and contrast. We make calls-to-action pop and make text easy to read simply by choosing good colours. Going hand in hand with our fresh and vibrant colour palettes is lots of white space. It’s not boring to have white space. It’s what makes your website look like it’s modern and well thought out.


We love fonts! I even attended Type Camp many years ago where I spent a whole week thinking about them and working with them. (There are thousands of fonts to choose from and now it’s even easier to use them in web design. There’s now no excuse to use any of those “popular” fonts that came as standard when you bought your computer. Think carefully about what your chosen font represents and don’t choose too many. Two is the ideal number. There are other tricks to add emphasis than lots of different fonts. For example you can use different weights of the same font.

Gecko Travel Clinic site using client photographs

There seems to be a move away from using stock photography. Many an hour has been spent by graphic designers wading through stock photo sites trying to find an image that best represents a business. While it may not be easier to arrange for the exact photo we’re looking for to be taken (imagine the cost of set up, the photographer, the lights etc) if photos already exist we’re all for using them.  When our clients provide their own photography whether it’s photos they’ve taken themselves while travelling or photos they’ve had taken at a dancing display it gives their website or marketing materials a personal edge. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with stock photography used in the right way but bespoke photographs taken by a business owner make their business stand out. 

Responsive web design 

Responsive web design isn’t necessarily a trend but it always deserves a mention. It’s here to stay. Everyone is using mobiles and tablets to view websites now so it’s important that your website is accessible to them. We make sure that our websites work across all the platforms as well as looking good. Even although an image all the way across a large desktop screen looks fabulous we need to consider whether it’s totally necessary on a mobile screen when someone is simply trying to find out your phone number. We change the style of menu depending on the screen size to make everything just that bit more manageable. 

So that's just some of the latest trends in website design. Which ones are you using on your website?

Posted by: Jennifer Rutherford on 24/08/2017