Top photography tips for your e-commerce website

Playmobil character taking photographs

If you're trying to sell products on your website it's important that they look great. Ideally you would want a professional to photograph your products. We know that there's not always the budget. Also we're not professional photographers but in the past we've done a fair amount of photography - mostly of cakes for blogs! Here's our top tips for taking your own product shots.

1. Think about where you are taking the photo. What’s in the background, do you want the product against a plain white background or do you want any props? Use sheets, tiles, white & black boards whatever you can get your hands on to get a plain background. Are you photographing it in situ i.e a wedding cake in the reception venue. Frame the product well making sure you get the whole cake in as you can always crop bits out but you can’t add them in.

2. Lighting is very important. Try to take your photos in natural light. Have your product beside a window if possible with as much light shining on the product itself. Stand between the product & the window (but be careful not to cast a shadow) to take the photo. Not too bright sunlight is best. if you can’t use natural light then I’d recommend buying a  photographers light. They are easily transportable if photographing in a venue.

3. As well as photographing whole products it’s also nice to see the fine details. I’d recommend taking some close ups rather than cropping the photo down as the quality will be better. If you’re using a camera the macro setting (usually a flower symbol) is very useful for this. 

4. For photo editing I use photoshop but there are a few free alternatives out there like Gimp. This will let you crop photos to the correct size & brighten them up if it’s not been too sunny!

Posted by: Jennifer Rutherford on 11/02/2017