Which Colours Should I Use for My Website?


I love colour! The next time I design a website with a different colour for each section I may well be in trouble with Johanna (see ASUME Volunteering in Dementia and MFY Solicitors to see the reason why). But there are so many colours to choose from and so many great combinations. I’ve got many a board dedicated to this on Pinterest and I’m always pinning new ideas.

Here’s my top 3 tips for choosing colour for your website


      1. There may be an obvious choice for your business. For example green for a gardening business. Even at first glance people will know what you’re about. You’ll find loads of information about the connotations/mood/ feelings associated with colours in a quick google search. Don’t sweat it though it’s just something to think about along with other considerations such as potential clients perceptions. What colour would your clients expect to represent your business? You might read that it's best to ignore your own favourite colour because it's about your business not you. But I think it's easier to be passionate about something you love so it should be one of many considerations.

      2. I know I said there are so many colours to choose from but it is important to choose. I like to keep it simple. Two main colours are often all you need. Usually our colour palettes  consist of two main colours then hues (a lighter version) of those colours and a dark for text. You will find it most useful if you have some contrast between your colours. A darker colour is better so that  text can be read easily againts a white background but you also might need a lighter colour for some things. If you use a dark coloured background make sure your text is light enough to be clear and legible.

        Here are some examples of colour palettes that we've created for ourselves and for clients.blog/GlyphKreativColourPalettes.jpg

        For high impact we recommend sticking to a small range. As you can see from our ASUME Volunteering in Dementia project it is possible to combine a wide range of colours but then I have and do spend a lot of time looking at colours and considering colour palettes.

      3. There are loads of resources to help you choose palettes. My favourites are http://www.colourlovers.com, https://www.design-seeds.com and of course Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.co.uk/glyphkreativ/creative-colour-palettes/)

If you're not sure about the best colours for your business then get in touch and we'll be more than happy to arrange some time to talk colour.

Posted by: Johanna Welander on 31/07/2017