Why do I need a website?

 Open shop sign

A website is a shop front only better. It is open all the time and available to anyone. And even better it's cheaper than actually having a physical shop.

It's a place to showcase what you do and show potential customers not only that you exist but also that you are professional. Even if it's just you running the business your website doesn't need to give that away. You can make it look like you've got a huge team while in reality it's just you working really hard. 

You don't need to be selling a product to need a space to sell you can show off your skills and make customers aware of your capabilities as a business owner. . 

Like any shop though it is just the beginning. You need to tell people about it and encourage them to visit. You do this using social media, SEO, marketing and networking. The website is the call to action for all these marketing methods and a way for interested parties to get more information. Social media doesn't take the place of a website. The two work in harmony as part of your marketing strategy.

Here at Glyph Kreativ we can help you get started. Based in Stirling we help businesses connect with their customers by creating standout visual identities and amazing websites. 

Posted by: Jennifer Rutherford on 03/03/2016