Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website?

Website analytics on screen

It’s the summer holidays and we’ve had a super busy year so far. We’ve worked with some great clients over the past few months and are very proud of the work we’ve done for them.

While we’ve been busy working for our clients we need our website to be bringing new potential clients to us so that we can continue to do great work.

People won’t visit our website if they don’t know that it exists. So how do we make sure people know about our website. Here’s our three top ways of getting it out there.

Constant adjustments to our website makes sure that our website ranks highly in the google search engines. With our expertise in websites and search engine optimisation we know what we have to do, we just need to remember to make the time.

Social media
Exhibitionists by nature (well maybe not) we like to show off what we’ve been up to on social media in the hope that friends and friends of friends visit our website. You never know who knows who in this small world and so anyone can lead to a potential client.

Networking isn’t just an opportunity to have a chat with friends it’s a way to tell people about what we do. We guide them towards our website with the help of our beautifully designed business card where they will find examples of our amazing work and a call to action to get in touch with us for our help.

Don’t be afraid to show it off. Tell everyone you possibly can about your website and make sure you’ve got the right call to action at all times.

Posted by: Jennifer Rutherford on 04/07/2017