Why should I maintain the blog on my website?

Diary for planning your blog posts 

A blog provides a space where you can give a less formal and more personal impression of your business. It allows you to become a professional expert in your field while also being a resource for returning users to your site. This in turn helps improve your SEO (Search Engine Opimisation).

There are no written rules about blogging but there is a general etiquette that the blogging community follows. For example, if you quote from another person’s blog you should always link back to their site. This increases traffic to their site and creates movement between sites improving everyone’s SEO. Without SEO your website isn't going to reach the giddy heights of page 1 in google searches and that's where you need to be if you want new customers. 

Planning, planning, planning

If you’re thinking “I don’t have time to write original content for regular blogging”, it doesn’t need to be like that. While it would be ideal to write a whole post from scratch, a sentence or two of something happening with links to articles, posts etc would be all you need. There are loads of free tools available online to help you schedule posts. Why not sit down and write a bunch of posts all in one go? Planning will help a lot. We've made a list of all the things that we're going to blog about, that we think will be useful to our clients, and everytime the writing inspiration hits we sit down and write. It's very different from our everyday design + development but it's nice to get a break and do something different.

It's what you know

An hour every now and again to spend on a whole host of short blog posts will help both your SEO and also help you become an expert on your chosen subject. An unused blog or one where you are simply copying content with nothing original to say can look unprofessional. It looks like it's been forgotten and makes your business look lazy. Think about it you're just writing about the stuff you know about. You'resharing your knowledge with people who are interested. They may decide that actually they're not expert enough to do what you're doing and ask you to help.

One last thing

Our last piece of advice is if you're not going to blog then don't add the blog function to your site. We can always add it for you later. It's better to have a complete site from the offset than have one that looks like it's unloved and neglected. 




Posted by: Jennifer Rutherford on 10/02/2017